Announcing Studio '13 Update 7 and Articulate Updater (iOS 9 support)

Sep 22, 2015

Hi everyone,

Good news: We just released an update to Studio '13 to add support for iOS 9 in published output.

Apple released iOS 9 last week (September 16, 2015). 

The Studio '13 update also smashes a few bugs.

Get the latest update for Studio '13 and the Articulate Updater here:

The Articulate Updater scans and updates Studio '13 (as well as Storyline 2 and Storyline 1) published content to make it compatible with iOS 9 without having to re-publish your courses. 

We'll auto-update all published Articulate Online content soon.


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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Joe,

Update 7 of Studio '13 fixed the following elements here:

  • Added support for Apple iOS 9
  • Fixed issue where you could be prompted to activate Presenter '13 repeatedly
  • Fixed issue where Engage interactions couldn't be imported into PowerPoint on Windows 7 computers
  • Fixed "Unable to connect to server" error when viewing Tin Can API HTML5 output at 

I don't see anything specific beyond the Mobile Player launching issues, but it's always our recommendation to be on the latest update. 

Tim Kraft

Uh oh. I installed the update and can no longer launch Presenter. None of the Articulate functions work from within a PowerPoint presentation. Quizmaker, Engage and Replay all work when launched directly from those applications. On first use of QuizMaker, I was prompted for my product key.

When starting PowerPoint, I get the pop up message attached about no updates being available.

Help me, Obi Wan!



Russell Still

I just installed the new update and cannot do anything with a preexisting project. I try to Preview a slide and get this message that the file needs to be "repaired".

When I click "Repair" it crashes and generates a report form to send to Articulate. After that the project is unusable.

I did the reinstall of the update as described above but continue to get the identical problem.

There appears to be no way around this making this PP project dead in the water.


Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Russ,

Did you also remove Flash player 19 and revert to Flash 18? If not, or if you've allowed Windows automatic updates to continue you'll continue to see this error each time as the Powerpoint file will continue to be corrupted. You will want to make sure you follow all the steps outlined here.  

If you continue to have difficulty after going through those steps in their entirety, it may be something else so we'd want to have you work with our Support engineers.  

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Graham,

I don't see a report filed with our QA team that matches what you described, but as Leslie mentioned if we're able to take a look at the Articulate Package we'll be able to determine if it does match a known issue or something new to report to our team. 

Were your web objects not working prior to the update either? Did you confirm that you were viewing the new version of the uploaded course by reloading the Safari browser after clearing out the cache or history? 

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Graham,

Sorry for the mistake - had Storyline on the mind. 

I'm a bit confused now by your most recent reply - as you mentioned prior to the update it didn't allow scrolling, but you're ok with the scrolling as you're seeing it now? So did the updates to Presenter '13 just cause a change you were looking to share here or is it an issue you'd like us to investigate further? Are you able to share the Presenter package as previously requested? We'd want to take a look at how you've set that up and if you have a link to the previously published course so that we could see how it behaved before. You are welcome to share here in the forums using the "add attachment" button or send along to our Support engineers here. 

If you connect with our Support team please let me know and I'll be able to keep an eye on your case as well. 

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