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Steve Flowers

That's likely a false positive. Suspicious.Cloud.5 is a generalized categorization indicated by a heuristic scan (characteristic scan based on conditions of detection within an algorithm). These types of scans are more subject to false positives as they "learn" over time by refining the conditions and checking a whitelist for known exceptions.

Wouldn't worry too much about it. Articulate can confirm.

Dave Mozealous

Hi Guys,

Yeah, we literally haven't changed those files in over 2 years, so you can disregard the message as a false positive.  We do a file compare between every release we do to make sure files that only files that are supposed to change do, and we also digitally sign our installers to prevent them from being modified.

If I had a dollar for every time there was an issue with an anti-virus software false positive detection...yada yada.

I'll see if I can contact Symantec to keep them from flagging those files.