Are there any SumTotal users out there (specifically mobile app?)

Jun 25, 2014

We've been trying to post Articulate HTML5 content to the SumTotal LMS mobile app, with no luck. The HTML 5 works fine outside of SumTotal mobile app, but once it is served up from the app, it gets resized strangly (so you can't access the buttons) and some of the features of the publish don't work (such as audio, exit button, and so forth). If anyone is using the SumTotal mobile app, have you had much success?

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Mark Grover

Hey Steve,

We decided to go with Captivate for the mobile (given that they have that responsive template, where you can set a screen size for tablet and phone). This is a pain, given that almost everyone on our teams have and know how to use Studio13, but we can't have the content cut off on the mobile devices, and we can't use TinCan to track (so no chance of using the Articulate App).

I don't know much about the IE9 issue (you are ahead of us with that). I've talked to other SumTotal users out there and they say that SumTotal says it's an Articulate issue as to why that is happening; I'm not convinced, but I really don't know enough about the cause to fix it.

Brek Joos

We've been using Rise with SumTotal's mobile app successfully. We enable Rise's Exit Course button which will save progress when clicked because clicking the 'Done' button in the iOS version of the SumTotal App does not save progress.

Also, the solutions we were given regarding the issue do not seem to function as SumTotal intended.

We haven't yet used Storyline for mobile with this app because of our inability to save progress without manually adding a button with an 'exit course' trigger to each slide.

Have you made any progress with your issue?

Brek Joos


  • Formats: HTML5 Only
  • Player: Select the appropriate player.
  • Tracking: Track using quiz result.
  • Output Options: Change LMS setting to SCORM 2004
  • Default settings:
    • LMS: SCORM 2004.
    • Edition: 3rd edition. 
    • LMS Reporting status: Passed/Failed.
    • Tracking tab: ‘Track using quiz result’ heading.

Is that what you needed?

Brek Joos


I did some testing, and it seems to work like I remember.

Version 10.5 of their app was release on 28Jan2020 which makes me think there was also a recent change to SumTotal in general, right?

I seem to remember that an updated app would be released shortly after an update to the system. I also remember some odd behavior in old versions of the app once an update had been made.

Do you know if there is a recent update?

Are you able to access the course on a personal device that uses the current app version?

Tammy Diep

Hi Brek,

Well, you won't believe it. I was routed to another member in the network who happened to use to work with you! He was extremely helpful, I won't post his full name since this is a semi-public thread but he goes by Eric! 

SumTotal Mobile App just went through another update and somehow all of the storyline courses are now working as of today. Thank goodness! We tested it on 5 different tablets with different times of security patches (2017, 2018) and they work now. Unfortunately, Android is also about to go through another update and we decided to move forward with that; version 11 just to stay afloat with SumTotal Mobile App (hopefully that doesn't change anything). Eric was helpful in showing us a different way of troubleshooting disfunctioning slides too. 

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