Issues with Presenter 13 Update 6 and IOS 9

Does anybody have any information on any updates for Presenter 13? As of right now, courses published to play with IOS 9.0 cause many issues with the player as well as missed animations and transition problems. This has been cross verified with IOS 8.0 and it appears as though there are currently no updates to the Presenter Software. My presentations are being published to the SumTotal LMS system. Is this a function of Articulate Presenter needing and update or does the SumTotal mobile player app need an update? Or both? This problem has been evident since the release of IOS 9 and no updates to either software have been made available.





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Robert Dalton

Hi Folks,

I have downloaded the updates for Storyline and Studio, I also ran the articulate updater on all my published files on my laptop, when I republished one of these on our LMS and tried to launch it in IO9 it just directs me to the Articulate App and will not launch?  

I am also testing the articulate updater on some files on our LMS but am reluctant to role this out LMS wide if this happens. 

Any help would be great