Disabling iPad content from launching in Articulates Mobile App

Mar 13, 2014


I am publishing modules as SCORM 1.2 - HTML/ Articulate Player on  iPad/ Offline Viewing.

We are runnign the modules through our LMS' iPad App, SumTotal Mobile.

Prior to the most recent Studio 13 update, I was able to publish the modules with the settings above and was able to run the modules within the Articulate Mobile App prompting to take over the launch of the file.

THe modules ran perfect on the LMS' App.

However, since the new Studio '13 update, with the settings above, everytime I launch a course through oour LMS' Mobile App, the Articulate Mobile App keeps opening up and then I get an error saying that it cannot download the content.

The only work around is to publish in only HTML Output only, however the module does not function properly within the LMS' App. The size gets shifted, does not rotate correctly etc.

The Question!

How can I publish with SCORM 1.2 - HTML/ Articulate Player on  iPad/ Offline Viewing settings but disable the module from launching in the Articulate App??

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Leslie McKerchie

Hi Matt!

It sounds as if you're content is functioning just as we expect it to.

If you want the content to launch without the AMP, then that option should not be chosen upon publish.

The fact that it was working for you before was actually a bug in our software that has been corrected now as the content should have been auto-launching in AMP when that option was chosen.

Here is an article that describes how that content is handled when learners view.

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