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Jan 20, 2015

How can I get my Studio '13 presenter module and or Storyline 2 module to properly play on an iPad online and or offline without having to use the Articulate Player Mobile App?

My LMS provider has it's own mobile app which is awesome, however because there is an issue with HTML 5 and Articulate the content does not play properly. 

The content freezes, narration does not play, the timing is off and does not properly send completion data back to LMS, especially SCORM 1.2.

Is Articulate looking into this? 

Is Articulate looking into making their content able to play offline and or online via another vendors mobile app?

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Matt Mayer

We have been testing Storyline 2, and it too does not function well when offline. 

More specifically, when in offline mode via our companies LMS provider, the Audio does not play. Everything else works fine, but the audio does not load.

Further investigation has shown that this is an HTML 5 error across all Articulate products.

Articualte Studio '10, Storyline and Storyline 2 all have the same behaviour - no audio.

For any developer out there, there is one possibility. 

Articulate studio '13 update 1: THere is a flaw in the code whereby if you select html 5 and select to have the content lunch in Articulates mobile app, when in your LMS, the content does not actually load and or launch articulates mobile app. Therefore, your content will run in offline almost perfect, except for the navigation buttons not always working, whereby the audio does properly load.

I have spent hours looking through the code of a published file from update 1 and the recent update 4 or 5 to see what is different and they are nearly identical. Thus I am unable to determine where the prompt lives to launch the articulate mobile player; if I was able to zip a published file to open in articulate mobile player, but then recode it so that it would not actually launch we would be getting somewhere.

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