Articulate 09 / ppt 2013 solution?

May 02, 2013

My department is to receive microsoft office 2013 soon. I understand that Articulate presenter 09 will not work with ppt 2013. I also understand that in ppt 2013 you can save a ppt file as an 03, 07, 09, 10 version. My question is: Once I recieve ppt 2013 can I open a ppt, save it as say a ppt 07 file, then work in ppt/articulate as I do today? Has anyone tested this?

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Quinn Held

Ok. Thanks for the quick reply. A suggestion I found on the topic was to keep the old version of ppt for the users of Articulate in my org. However, we are unable to do this for security reasons (old version will not receive security updates). So, my question now is: What do we do as for as course production in Articulate once Microsoft Office 2013 arrives?

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