Articulate 13 Audio Editor Crashing

Apr 20, 2016

Hi. I'm an Articulate 13 novice, so please forgive any obvious issues/questions.

I have been adding WAV sound files to my Articulate 13 module. To the best of my knowledge (since someone else is recording the sound files), I am using 16 bit 44 KHZ PCM WAV files.

When I click to open the Audio Editor, the editor briefly loads, then crashes PowerPoint, locking the file. When I try to end the program, I get a message that the program is waiting for me to Save (or Don't Save) the file. When I click Save, the program closes, and Audio Editor never opens. I then have to relaunch PPT and the file. Is there a reason that this is happening?

Can anyone provide any troubleshooting tips?


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