Articulate 13 course lost audio after working for a year on our LMS

Oct 13, 2016


A course that was working fine on our LMS (all the other courses are doing okay) for over a year is missing audio on some slides.  

So I thought republishing it would do the trick. But, no! Now audio is missing on slides that did have sound and others are missing.  Confusing.

I'm updated on Articulate 13 ... not working on USB or a Network Drive ... and there are not old ppta files lurking around.  When I preview the course all the sound is there.  

The only thing .... is that this course was originally built in Articulate 9 and then I went in a 1 1/2 years ago to update the course it was done in Articulate 13 because we had upgraded to 13.  But this course was working fine on our LMS until this week.  

Not sure what else to troubleshoot. Can you help?

Thank you,


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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Jann,

If it just stopped working on the LMS, I'd also wonder if anything else changed in terms of the browser or LMS set up? Granted you mentioned that republishing it all the audio is missing and it sounds like you already went through the steps here to find the missing audio. Just bizarre that they'd happen at the same time? 

Do you have the back up 09 file that was created when you tried upgrading it into '13? I'd wonder if you could share the Presenter package of that course with our Support Engineers as they'd be able to test it in 09 and upgrade it to '13 to see if the audio still carries over. 

Jann Iaco

Hello Ashley,

I do have a 09 backup ....  at least I think it is .... because once I would go into a 09 course to make any tweaks (once we got 13 installed) it would ask if I wanted to convert to 13 and if I said no .... nothing happened. I figured since 09 was no longer installed on my computer I had to move into 13 so the updates to this course were built in the original PowerPoint. 

Now I have courses similar to this case that are working fine on our LMS.  

As for the browser situation .... I thought of that ... I took the course on the LMS thru Safari, Google Chrome and Internet Explorer ... the browser did not make the difference.

Would they want to see the updated course? That's the one having problems.

Thank you.



Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Jann,

I just can't think of a situation where the audio would have disappeared from one course that was already published and hosted on an LMS. Is there any link between the file on the LMS and the one hosted on your local drive where you published - such that if you were changing the copy on your computer it may have updated the LMS version? 

If you no longer have Presenter '09 installed, you won't be able to share the presenter package - so we could take a look at the course as it's hosted on your LMS or the Presenter package from Presenter '13 to see if there is audio in there we can see. If you'd like to share here in the forums you can upload using the "add attachment" button - or if you'd prefer to share privately you can send along to our team here. 

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