Audio stops working

Jun 21, 2011

Hi - I just got an issue from my client who is reviewing our course on an LMS. She said that she turned the volume down in the course (using the Articulate audio button), reviewed for awhile, took a break, came back, turned up the volume, and there was no audio at all. The button was not muted, and her computer sound was not muted. She had sound in other programs on her computer.

She exited the course, came back, and the volume worked fine. But then she repeated the above, and the volume stopped working again.

Has anyone run into this before? Not sure if it's Articulate, or the LMS, or her computer... Thanks.

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Ron Price

A little more information on the Keyboard shortcuts . . .if you are interested

Enable keyboard shortcuts: Controls whether the following Player keyboard shortcuts should be available to users of your published presentation in the Articulate Player:

  • Arrow Left, Arrow Up, or Page Up: Play Previous Slide
  • Arrow Right, Arrow Down, or Page Down: Play Next Slide
  • Home key: Play First Slide
  • End key: Play Last Slide
  • Spacebar: Play/Pause
  • O / T / N / S: Select Tabs – Outline, Thumbnails, Notes, Search
  • N: Toggle Slide Notes
  • V: Toggle Display View Modes
  • B: Toggle Bio Button
  • E: Toggle Email Button
  • M: Toggle Audio Mute

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