Articulate 13 Studio Interaction Limits

Dec 21, 2017

I am hoping someone can assist me with this as I currently working on a project where the hyperlinked interaction built within PowerPoint is not working when published in Presenter 13. I am being forced to come up with another solution.

I tried several Engage interactions and all of them seem to have a limit of 8, is there any that will allow me to do 15?

I also was going to use QuizMaker, using the slides but I cannot use buttons or images to hyperlink to the content I want.

This is posing a problem as recreating the entire course using Storyline 3 at this point is not an option as there are already 74 slides done. Does anyone have any answers for me? Or am I doomed to make these 15 slides into just page turners?


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Alyssa Gomez

Hi there June!

I'd like to get a better understanding of how your file is set up. It sounds like you have a Presenter presentation with several embedded Engage interactions and Quizmaker quizzes, correct?

Also, when you publish the Presenter file, are you publishing for Web or LMS? After publishing, are you testing the published output locally?

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