Articulate 2013 upgrade

Im about to upgrade from 09 to 13. I have downloaded the trial version and playing around with it.

PPT 2010 32bit is what i will be using on Presenter 13.Are there any reported issues with PPT 2010?

In the past, users have had issues not being able to exit with IE older versions.Will the upgrade resolve those browser issues?

I will be updating scorm content published in 09 to 13 .

Have there been tracking and interactions  issues reported on moodle lms with articulate 13?

After upgrade is it possible to revert to 09?

There is a concern that this will change the SCORM package’s Manifest page which would affect how the SCORM interacts with the LMS. will the upgrade affect the transcript data? Any advise on this?

How does the upgrade affect users already enrolled in the courses created in 09?

Any tips i can get to ease this process is much appreciated.



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Leslie McKerchie

Hi Maurine!

Powerpoint 2010 is a compatible version to use with your Studio '13 software. The trial version that you are utilizing is the same as the full version, so you should be able to identify any potential issues.

I really like this general article about Upgrading to Studio '13.

I will try to provide references for your research:

Exit Tab Doesn't Work

Need to revert to Studio 09 from 13 - please note that you cannot have Studio '09 and Studio '13 on the same computer

Your other questions seem LMS specific or based on user experience, so hopefully someone will be able to chime in and assist you, especially if they are a Moodle user