Presenter 13 flops on my machine

Presenter 09 worked fine, but after upgrading to Presenter13, the Articulate ribbon is there in PPT but nothing works. Click a button-and nothing! All the buttons are dead! Everything is disabled.

Running Windows 7 and PPT 2010. if there's an issue articulate should at least post the collision issues with systems BEFORE they send the link to upgrade. Anyone have any idea?

Thanks in advance

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Mike Enders


Sorry to hear that it hasn't been working.  I'd recommend that you file a support case with our folks so they can take a look.

They are very quick to respond.

In the meantime, if you have your install code for Studio 09, you can simply uninstall 13 and reinstall 09.


James Mazur

I got it to work but a word of advice for those who experience something similar. MS Visual Basic is required in your version of PPT.. doesn't end there. I did that 3 times, and uninstalled Presenter 13 twice and even reinstalled 09 once.

The last time, as SOON as I installed A13, I re-installed MS Visual basic again. Make sure you do NOTHING else in between those two steps. Finally, after 4 hours of installing and uninstalling, Articulate finally would open and publish in PPT 2010. I have no idea why...

Hope this helps.