Articulate 360 Font Issues

Dec 09, 2016


When I open a Presenter 13 file and re-publish with 360 the typeface/font formatting changes and condenses.

I am using Power Point 13 and have tried a few different common True-Type Fonts.

Any ideas why?

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Dave Cox

Hi David,

We might need to additional information to help you. Are you publishing for HTML5? Are you using standard fonts, or the built in Articulate fonts, or something custom? What environment are you publishing to. Is this published to the web or for LMS, or for local viewing?

If you are publishing to HTML5, with non-standard fonts, then the users browsers will probably substitute fonts that it can find on the local system where the project is viewed.

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi David,

We've seen a few things with HTML5 recently and how fonts are behaving based on our new structure to use WOFF fonts within Storyline and Studio 360. The steps at the bottom of this article are resolving it for the majority of the fonts, but if not - can you connect with our Support Engineers and share the font files?

David Thornton

Ok so update to (suspected TTF - WOFF conversions) issues:

"We have reviewed your project file but I was not unable to duplicate the issue. I have submitted your case to our Quality Assurance team for their review. Unfortunately, I was unable to determine a workaround. I cannot offer a time frame for when or if this issue will be resolved. I'll keep you posted."

No idea if a day / week / year or will indeed be resolved !!! not good for a new (expensive) product sadly.

Looks like I have to uninstall 360 and go back to '13 - now where are the recommended procedures for that ?? hmmn

Tj Lane

Was this ever answered?  This same thing is happening with me when I downloaded the articulate 360 update files from Jan. 26th.  

Please share the answer.   The fonts look great in PowerPoint and in the last version of Presenter 360 published to our LMS.

Is there something in the latest release of articulate 360 that is doing this? 

Thanks in advance for your response.

David Thornton

Hi there

Sadly no not fixed !! I received this from tech support yesterday:

*"Good afternoon! We don't have a fix yet for the issue reported. However,
we encountered a similar case with one customer wherein there was a problem
with Microsoft Office. It looks like the Character Spacing for Office was
not working properly. The Tight and Normal spacing appears to have
switched. The workaround was to use "Tight" spacing. Here's a screen
If possible, please try the
workaround from your end and let us know what happens."*

To which I replied that I have uninstalled 360 until a fix has been

Kind regards

[image: Dave Got to the Moon First.]


Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi TJ,

The update 3  of Articulate 360 that was released included a fix for "Some text would be replaced by emojis in HTML5 output when the hosting server wasn’t configured for WOFF files." But the issue detailed and mentioned by David here was for the font spacing being incorrect in the preview/publish based on how the character Spacing in Powerpoint had the 'Tight' and 'Normal' spacing functionality switched. It is reported to our QA team for further investigation but I don't have an additional update at this time. I will let them know that another user in the forums shared they've run into the same behavior so that we have tracking for users impacted. 

Tj Lane

Ashley and Dave, thanks for the responses.

Ashley, this seems to be only affecting the text in text boxes.  It's using a font that looks all scrunched up and it should be Arial.  I've tried several other fonts, but the same thing is happening.  Also, any text in SmartArt is scrunched using that same weird font.

Anyone else running into this after updating your 360 files to the newest version?


David Thornton


All the same problems I have sadly.

As soon as I went back to '13 problems sorted.

I tried all Desktop typefaces otf/ttf and the problem seems to happen when
Articulate converts to the Web typeface format.

Web fonts as I understand have no Open Type features and often have glyphs
removed as they use the CSS @ Font-face declaration.

I believe Articulate convert to WOFF file and would be interested if the
could try a TrueType file conversion only.

Font Conversion was a huge problem when I opened PC files on Apple Mac's 10
years ago and had hoped that was far behind us lol

[image: Dave Got to the Moon First.]


Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hey Edward,

Thanks for the case number. I'm going to follow along in that case.


Well the C drive is a good reminder about working locally - can you recreate the issue in a brand new file that you've started in your local drive? If the file had been on the external drive the latency and corruption elements could already be present. 

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi TJ, 

Thanks for confirming it was persistent in a new file, we don't have a public link for earlier versions, but I'd reach out to our Support team here and that way we can give it a test and go from there. Did you already go through the repair? That'd be my first recommendation to confirm that something wonky didn't just happen during the update installation and not just the update itself. 

Tj Lane

Hi Ashley!  I did the repair and am still having the same problem.  But, get this...  I had my ID open the course on her laptop and it's not doing the font thing.  I have the Articulate font installed, but are there other fonts I need as well?  I'm just using Arial.  Guess I'll wait to hear about my case file results.

Thanks Ashley!


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