Articulate 360 Font Issues

Dec 09, 2016


When I open a Presenter 13 file and re-publish with 360 the typeface/font formatting changes and condenses.

I am using Power Point 13 and have tried a few different common True-Type Fonts.

Any ideas why?

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Debbie Thompson

I have published my Storyline 360 file as HTML/Flash  and I'm experiencing font issues when its viewed in IE. I'm using size 14 Arial font and it looks correct in Chrome, but not in IE.  I loaded Storyline 360 on my work computer about a month ago and just updated it a week ago and the published files still do not look right in IE. Is there another fix coming or is there something else I can try? 

Thanks! Debbie 

Carol Mortimer

Just found this discussion.  I'm having the same problem.  I'm very concerned about using the "fix" of changing all of the fonts to Condensed settings.  What if the problem is fixed down the line?  We would have to go back and undo every font change back to "normal" again.  NOT good.

I tried selecting the text and expanding it by 1 point.  So far, it looks like that might fix the issue.

Alyssa Gomez

Hi there Debbie, thanks for reaching out! Since you're using Storyline, it sounds like you're seeing a different issue than the one originally discussed in this thread for Presenter. Can you help me with a few details?

  • Where is the published Storyline output hosted?
  • What version of Internet Explorer are you using?


Thanks for joining in, Carol. Once a fix for this Presenter test issue is released, you would have to re-publish your files to take advantage of the fix. That being said, any files that were published prior to the release would not change, unless you needed to update files and republish them. I hope that helps clear things up!

Alyssa Gomez

Thanks, Debbie. Is the published output hosted on a web server or a learning management system? 

  • If you published for Web, try testing the output in Tempshare. 
  • If you published for LMS, try testing the output in SCORM Cloud. 

I'd be happy to help you with that testing, if you'd like! Simply attach a sample file to a new thread comment, or share it privately with our team here. 

Carol Mortimer

Hi, Debbie.  David Thornton is correct.  I was not saying to increase the font size.  I was saying to use the font character spacing setting of EXPANDED by 1 point, instead of NORMAL or CONDENSED.

EXPANDED by 1 point seems to have fixed my problem.  It is a pain to implement (started on my Master layouts first, then had to revisit each slide for any text that did not come from the master, and to check line breaks, etc.).  But it does seem to have fixed the problem.

Denise Ruggio


Was this ever resolved? I am having the same problem. Brand new file, using Calibri font, I publish and fonts get all squished together. Only seemed to be happening after I upgraded to 360. However, it doesn't seem to happen for my coworkers so they have to publish my files for me which is frustrating and time consuming. But it gives a little insight that it may be a computer specific problem perhaps. I just wish I knew what that was! lol Please let me know if there was ever a solution for this problem. Thanks!


Ali Goulet

Hey Denise,

Sorry that's happening! Are you viewing the published output locally on your computer, as well?

Make sure you're uploading your course to the environment it's published for when testing it. Otherwise you'll run into strange behavior. As Debbie shared (thanks Debbie! ⭐️), her issue was fixed once she uploaded her course to SCORM Cloud to test it.

If that's not the culprit, I'm happy to help with testing here. You can share your .story file as an attachment right to a comment.


Terri  Beckett

I am having trouble with the font on some of my buttons -  the font seems very squished the letters are almost on top of each other. and what ever I do to correct it, does not work. Although other buttons and other text seems ok.

Also in general the text size in the buttons vary even though it registers as 20 on all it still looks different?


Julee Jaeger

I've upgraded to the latest Presenter 360, and I'm still seeing this issue with flash playback on IE. I have set the notes to Arial Font, 12 point.
I expanded the font by 1 and it looks better, but I am getting pushback from my client that it is not readable and must fix it soon. The Articulate and Calibri fonts look horrible too. Everything looks fine on Chrome and HTML5. My display settings are at 100%

Eunice Kua

I am also experiencing this problem - Case #01323197. I'm using the latest version of Articulate Presenter 360 and Powerpoint and the fonts appear strangely on another user's computer. Weird spacing and weird looking font. We were working in Calibri and confirmed that the user has Calibri installed as well. When I shared a package, I was also told that they were unable to replicate the issue. Would love some help on this as it's evidently still an ongoing issue.

Zoran Jancic

Same issue here with Studio 360 (Presenter and Quizmaker). All text displays in font that appears to be Times New Roman. Very ugly looking content and very angry customer. Changing font to Arial doesn't help. Can't switch browser (corporative standard), can't use Flash (corporative standard because of security issues). Font downloads already enabled. Any solution yet? It's been a while...

Alyssa Gomez

Hi Zoran,

I appreciate you reaching out to let us know what's going on. Can you help me with a few more details?

  • Is this problem happening in Internet Explorer?
  • Can you reproduce the problem on your end, or is this only happening when your customer tests the output?
  • Is the output hosted on a web server or on a learning management system? 
Leslie McKerchie

Thanks for confirming Zoran.

I see above you mentioned that you've already verified the Font Download setting is enabled.

Since the issue is limited to Internet Explorer, there is one more item to check

Group Policy in Windows 10 has an optional feature to block untrusted fonts. When it’s enabled, learners might see the wrong fonts in Internet Explorer.

Ask your network administrators if the font-blocking feature in Group Policy is enabled. If it is, you might explain the situation and ask them to consider turning it off. If that’s not possible, learners will need to use a different browser to view your courses.

If you could share your Articulate Package, that would be helpful as well.

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