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We sent a Presenter '09 module, published for Web, to a vendor who provides an online application for us. We want to include a link to the module from the application. The link in the application uses some kind of web app - If they try to open player.html with the web app, the player shows in the new window but none of the content loads or displays (see screenshot below). If they link to any of the separate .swf files, it plays fine.

They think it has something to do with the presentaion.xml files and asked for a single .swf file instead. However, there are some interactions in this module so we can't republish with another tool like Captivate or Camtasia. Has anyone seen something like this before? Are there any changes we can make to the .xml file to make it work? Or any other suggestions?



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Peter Anderson

Hello TK!

If your published Articulate Presenter output plays properly on your local computer, but won’t load after you’ve uploaded it to your web server or web site, then it’s likely that the XML files were corrupted during the upload process.

A common symptom in the Articulate Player is to see “SLIDE 100 of 160 PRESENTATION COMPLETE” in the seekbar.

To correct this behavior, either use the FTP upload feature of Articulate Presenter, or set your FTP application to upload files as binary. Uploading the XML files in ASCII or Auto mode may cause corruption. It is also important to maintain the directory structure of your published content. If you experience similar issues with content loaded in an LMS, the issue may be related to the specific version of Java Runtime Environment you have installed.  Please see this KB article for more information. Please let me know if this is helpful...


Thank you for this information.

They have tried again to upload the files as binary and get the same issue. They tried using both a local web server and also the web server where the application resides and get the same issue. The dimensions of the window used to open and load the player is 675 pixels in height and 1035 for the width - could that cause a problem? He is uploading the files as binary but wondering if the playerproperties.xml and presentation.xml files are not binary for some reason.

Peter Anderson

Have you tried uploading via the FTP upload feature found here?:

All indications point to this being a very specific issue, resolved with the proven solutions listed above. The only other thing I can think of with similar symptoms is a known issue between Flash player 10 and Presenter 5, but you say you are definitely using Presenter '09, correct?

Please try uploading again and let us know the results. Sorry for the frustration, but thanks for your patience!