Articulate error message: "Project cannot be upgraded..."

Aug 13, 2014

Three out of more than twenty lessons that I have created are giving me the following error message: "Your Articulate Presenter project cannot be upgraded to the new Articulate Presenter '13 file format." Very cute. When I troubleshot, I was advised regarding upgrading from Articulate 09 (these were created in 13 to begin with), and how to proceed with this "rare" error message after having applied update 3. I had not applied update 3 yet (my co-worker gets nothing but grief from many of the updates), so I backed everything up and gave update 3 a shot. No bueno... Still the same problem, and the "fix" that was supposed to help those working in update 3 is not helping me. I need to match and publish 3 lectures by Friday, so I hope there is a genius solution out there...



Portland Bible College

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The link or the launch page may not appear like a correct URL to open from mobile app:

This is the link :



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