Articulate for Mac? Please!!!!!

Hello everyone, this has to have been asked hundreds of times, but those of us at large company's we are soon going to have to say goodbye to Articulate unless a MAC version comes out quickly!  I know the standard response from Articulate is "we can't announce a launch time at this time", but what are we supposed to tell our company's that are dropping support of Windows?  Last week I just purchased two competitors programs to test them out on our MACs.  If everything goes well we're going to be forced to begin purchasing more licenses and switching from Articulate.  Sorry, but Bootcamp/Windows isn't being supported by our IT dept anymore.  And it just doesn't pay to purchase premium software and have to find work arounds to have it developed or viewed on non flash playing devises.  Articulate.....step up!  Many love the program, and don't want to switch, but we're being forced to.  Someone give us a MAC implementation date.

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Margie, 

Since you've responded in this discussion you'll now receive updates here once there is any additional information to share. I know it's been a popular feature request and something our team continues to evaluate and discuss. We're unable to offer a product roadmap or timeline, but once we do have information to share, we'll be certain to do so! 

Margie Grande

Woo hoo!!  That's exciting!!  I currently run Storyline on a Mac - but I run Windows on the part of the drive that runs Storyline.  I don't share files between the Mac side and the Windows side - because it seemed like that's where people run into the most problems.  I still would be very happy to have Storyline that is made for Mac - because I would like my Mac to be ALL Mac and not have a partitioned hard drive!  Thanks for the info!

Leslie McKerchie

Hello Tommaso,

The vast majority of our customers use Windows and web-based authoring tools that don’t depend on a particular operating system. And we're focused on developing features that have the widest impact. For example, Articulate 360 subscribers can use Rise to create courses right in their web browsers, and we’re continually updating Rise with new features. 

We also have many customers who use Storyline on Mac with a virtual environment. These demo videos show you how.