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May 18, 2014

Hi guys,

I am try to understand the whole zipping up files using "articulate packaging" . I just need some advice please.

Leslie kindly responded to me the other day regarding using the "articulate packaging" if I need to make edits or changes to course content. Thanks, it was most helpful!

This is how I am currently doing it: (Please correct me if this is incorrect) All of our content was initially built and saved on our Q drive (network)

  • I open up the pptx for the project from the network drive (as seen in image below) I then and create an "articulate package"


  • I then zip and save to the network drive
  • I then copy the zip from the network drive to the C: common drive
  • I extract the content on the C drive and make my edits
  • On completion I use the "articulate package" again and save the new zip to the C drive
  • I then copy the zip from the C drive back to the network drive

Should I be extracting the content again on the (netwrok drive) ? or leave it zipped

Can I delete the old version zip's without causing any disturbance to engage or quizmaker pathways?

When you use the "artciluate packaging" do changes occur to the originals as seen in the picture above or to the ones in the new zipped folder?  

We are moving towards implementing Studio 13, what happens to the "articulate packaging" zipped content when I pull it to the C drive and extract it? I am assuming it will just convert.

Thanks for the help.


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Mike Taylor

Hi Jill! Whether or not you extract the content after you copy it back to your network drive is up to you. Personally I would leave it zipped since you'll want to have everything in that zip file the next time you copy it to your hard drive for editing. (Saves you the step of repackaging/zipping it again.) 

Since you should have everything you need in the new zip, you wouldn't need the old ones except to keep as a back-up or if you wanted to keep the for versioning purposes, etc. 

When you move the zip package to your hard drive to work on, only those files on your hard drive are being changed...there isn't any link to the copy still on the network drive. 

When you open Studio '09 files with Studio '13 you should get a message that informs you you're opening an '09 project with '13 and ask you if you want to upgrade it. A backup copy will be created in case you decide to go back to the earlier version.

Hope that helps! 

Gill Smith

Hi guys,

Mike, thank you for the advice regading Articulate Packaging it has worked a treat.

I now have another question regarding the files structure. A colleague created a Neonatal Resuscitation course below on our Q drive (network). I opened the PPTX file and created a package to pull across to the local drive: C. I completed my edits and repackaged the course as seen in the image below as version 2. Do I need to keep all the little engage, PPTA, PPTX, Quiz maker files you see in my file or can I delete them?

Thanks so much.


Gill Smith

Hi Mike,

Sorry I am such a pain!! Thank you for all your help

I meant keep the files that I originally created the articulate package from that are on the network drive. Marked by a green box in the image below. 

I am assuming I must keep all the files in the articulate package, and not delete them.

I have tried to explain what I mean below using an image for you.

When I extract Version on the local C drive an unzipped folder is created as seen below. I then opened the PPTA file from within the unzipped folder and  work on the files.  At the end of the day I create an articulate package called Version and copy it from C to the network drive. I am not extracting the files on the network drive just leaving it zipped up. Do I need to keep the unzipped folder or can I delete that, as a copy is now within Version

Thanks so much.


Mike Taylor

No worries..You are right Jill. Your package (version 2 zip file) should contain everything you need to make future edits. So depending on whether or not you want to keep the others as backups it would be ok to remove the others...or move them to a different location to unclutter your network folder. (Personally I think I'd keep the previous package/zip files for backups and/or versioning 'just in case')

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