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Nov 21, 2011


We recorded various presentations with voice over in articulate and in one of such presentation when i click on articulate audio editor to optimize the audio, the audio not showing at all. Original file size indicated (+90 mb) there must be the audio files in the ppta but after we trying to either use audio editor or publish the file, the output is without audio and the file size comes down to less than 70 kb.

Also we see a abc-old.ppta created automatically.

Has anyone come across such scenario. Please help



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Peter Anderson

Hi Dinesh and PJ,

If you are working in Presenter '09 and notice that your audio is missing, please review the following article, which outlines reasons and solutions:
Also, be sure that your presentation is located on your local hard drive (your C: drive).  Working on a network drive or a USB (external) drive can cause erratic behavior, including loss of resources. Please let me know if this helps resolve the issue.

Hi Peter,

Many thanks for your valuable inputs.

Wanted to add more info into the issue I faced. While working on about 10 such presentation, in one of the presentation I faced this issue.

Am wondering if the issue is with regards to any plugin or update then the problem should be in many or all presentation.

Is there a way I can share more information that can help me understand this better or retrieve the lost audio.

I was about to request the author to record again for me.

Peter Anderson

Hi PJ,

As you can see in the above linked article, there are several things that may cause the audio to go "missing", so if you only experienced the issue in one of many presentations, you may be able to retrace your steps to determine what caused it to happen in one and not all. As for retrieving the lost audio, have you tried the steps below?:

  1. Close PowerPoint.
  2. Rename or delete the new (empty) PPTA file to break its link with the PowerPoint file.
  3. Ensure that the PowerPoint file and the original PPTA file (i.e., the -old.ppta file) are located in the same folder.
  4. Remove “-old” from the PPTA file name, so that it has the same file name as the corresponding PowerPoint file.

As long as the PowerPoint file and the original PPTA file are located in the same folder and have the same file name, they will re-link, and your audio will be restored.

Peter Anderson

Hi Dinesh & PJ,

If you would like to Create an Articulate Presenter Package and upload the zip file to us, our support engineers would be happy to take a closer look and help resolve the issue. You can do that here:

Please be sure to include the url from this thread when you submit your case info, along with any other information you think will be valuable in resolving the issue. Thanks for your patience!


Hi Peter,

2 things, first am not able to create the project file since after I open the ppta file, it just loses the audios and -old.ppta gets created. Please suggest what we I do here.

2nd is, the content is copyrighted. Is during or after the process where the support engineers assist in resolving this issue, will the content be available in public domain?

Am eager to take help from the team just that want to understand the flow better to ensure my content will not be made available to the outside world.

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