Articulate Presenter '13: Any idea for "Restricted Navigation"?

Hello folks, 

I hadn't noticed that in the Presenter 13's Presentation Option Tab the Course navigation mode (free, backonly, locked) has been removed.

Locked/Free Navigation can still be set at Slide level, but the beloved "Restricted Navigation" i.e. the backonly mode is not present any more.

How do you generally solve this change? Any idea?

Thanks in advance for any help anybody could provide!


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Jane Smart

Hi I found the restricted access feature by chance, I have used it for most of the courses I have published so happy to have found it...

  1. Click on Slide Properties in the ribbon
  2. Click on Edit Menu in the bottom left corner
  3. Bring the Menu forward
  4. At the bottom of the menu you will see some icons - choose the wheel - Additional Options
  5. See Navigation restriction - the choice is there


Manny Cunanan

Hello folks,

I have a course that was created using the RESTRICTED option for the navigation. We also would like the same course available in FREE navigation version for our internal customers. With Studio '09, I was able to do this by changing the codes in the published files.

Can this be done with Studio '13? Is there a way to edit the already published files (maybe the xml files) to change this option or do I have to re-publish?