Articulate presenter 13 freezes powerpoint

Aug 23, 2014

I've been able to use presenter 13 for a while. I recently updated to update 3 and believe I was able to publish presentations. Less than 3 weeks later I attempted to start powerpoint and tried to open up the audio files and powerpoint hung. Tried deleting the .ppta file and tried removing and reinstalling articulate (studio 13). Nothing has been able to solve this problem. Any clues as to what might have happened?


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Scott Dennstaedt

Even if I open up Presenter from the Desktop shortcut with a new presentation and try to do anything such as look at the slide properties, Powerpoint hangs. About the only thing I can do is under help and support and the options. Most other presenter sections will hang up powerpoint. A ppta file is created when this happens, but you can't do anything with Powerpoint except minimize the window.

Scott Dennstaedt

Discovered the issue. For whatever reason when I uninstalled and reinstalled my studio 13, I wasn't installing engage. I have never installed engage in the past. However, it appears without engage, the powerpoint freezes. So, now that engage is installed (and I'm not using it and never have used it), I'm back up and running. Strange.

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