Articulate Studio versions 09 & 13

Mar 12, 2014

Hi all,

We have been using Articulate Studio Professional 09 for a couple of years and have purchased some new licences which are Articulate Studio Professional 13.

Before we can use them they need to be tested. An an individual already has the 09' version can they have the 13' version on their desktop as well.

We have heard that the two versions are not compatible and that any training material we have that was developed in v 09, once accessed into Articulate v13 means that it cannot be assessed again in v09.

Therefore my two questions are:

1) Can you have both v09 and v13 on one destop or would we need to remove  v09 first?

 2) If someone has v13 is it correct that they can't access v09 material after they have got  v13?

Thank you in anticipation


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Graham Riding

Hi Simon & Leslie,

Thank you for your help on this. Because we have different people  within the organisation on v09 & v13 and that we won't be able to upgrade v09 to v13 until all our staff have received PPT 2010 later in the year..

Therefore from Simon's reply  it seems ok for a v13 to look at v09 files, but if a v13 amends it would this mean that the staff with v09 wouldn't be able to see or use it?

Thanks again,


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