Studio '09 to '13 pubishing & previewing issues

Feb 04, 2014

Hi folks,

We just installed Studio '13. We cannot publish anything we created in Studio '09 with Studio '13.

Studio '13 upgraded the files on it's own - but when you try to preview or publish you get an error.

I've tried creating a new presentation and that works fine - just old ones that are not. We have two licenses (on separate comps) and they are both behaving the same way.

Thoughts/ help!



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Petra Javornikova

I have a question.  I have converted an exam from Quizmaker 09 to 13.  When published, the 09 exam had the questions in the question list in the left top corner numbered and it also displayed, e.g. "Question 1 of 50".  After the conversion, the display is not there and the questions are not numbered in the question list.  How do I change that, please?

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