Trouble running trial version of Studio 2013 on Work Computer- Using "non-click-to-run" version of Microsoft Office 2010


I have been having issues for a couple of weeks with running Articulate Studio 2013 on my work computer. I have had an Articulate representative remote-on my machine and they stated they needed our Microsoft Office key prior to isolating/fixing the issue. I spoke to our IT department and they recommend I repair Microsoft Office 2010 Professional on my work PC and then to re download Articulate Studio to get it working. My work PC has a "Non-Click-to-run" version of Microsoft Office and I am wondering if that could be what is causing Articulate Studio trial version not to work?

Either way, we are interested in purchasing Studio `13 but obviously we need it to run on all of our PC's, including mine, so that we can develop so your help in this matter is much appreciated.


Andrew Farmer



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Leslie McKerchie

Hi Andrew!

Not sure if you are just looking for community experience and feedback here? I see where you have two open cases with our support team and I would encourage you to continue working with them.

I also wanted to mention that your signature is posted to this thread and I'm not sure if you'd like to pop in and edit.