Articulate13 file associations to Engage and Quizmaker

Jan 29, 2014

I have discovered that the Engage and Quizmaker file associations from an Articulate 13 PowerPoint project function much differently than before with Articulate 09.  For example, when I delete the Engage and Quizmaker files from my project directory, the PowerPoint project still lets me access and edit the interactions and quizzes as if they still existed as files.  Publishing shows with the edits as well.

How does Articulate handle these file associations differently?  Are they embedded into the .ppta file?  How would I extract the files back out in this case?  And where can I find reference materials to read about how Articulate 13 is doing things versus 09?



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Ron Conforti

The article is very helpful.  I noticed that as long as I don't remove the original Engage or Quizmaker files from the folder, they do get updated when I edit them.  This was very helpful for sharing files.  I have fond it easier to create a sample Quizmaker file that I share with other as a template versus other methods.

It is an awkward process of extraction, but at least there is a process when needed.

I looks like missing files will be a thing of the past with Articulate 13.  I also noticed that the secondary packaging issue seems to be fixed as well.  Can you confirm this fact?


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