Feb 23, 2016

Hi Could anyone please advice me on how to make the audio in my elearning module all be at the same level on each slide?  Is there a way of making the voice over on each slide be at the same volume level?   I am using Studio 13.

Many thanks

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Christie Pollick

Hi, Naeem -- Thanks so much for reaching out here! May I ask if you happen to be using Engage interactions in your course? If so, this is a known issue in with our QA team for review, and if you can please confirm, I will be sure to add your forum thread to the existing ticket. Please see this post on a similar topic for additional details. 

Sandy Beale-Berry

Hi Naeem,

You can control and edit your audio levels per slide or all the slides by using the Articulate '13 Audio Editor.  I use it all the time because I record at different secessions and I like to remove the "white/dead space sounds" from my modules to reduce the overall time of the module.  You can delete parts of your tracks, as well, however beware...minimum tools, if you accidently delete to much, you'll need to re-record. You can also add "white/dead space sound" to your audio using the Audio Editor.  To adjust the sound levels use the percentage increase/decease volume icon on the top of the screen. (You need to highlight the audio track first, then use the increase/decrease volume controls.) I would recommend before you adjust any audio, listen and "see" each volume of the frames.  You can visually see the levels with the sound waves. If the sound waves visually do not look the same, then your volumes are different. You will need to adjust per frame. Hope you find this information helpful. Another note, if your audio levels are different using Engage, you will need to use Engage's built in volume controls. They work just like the Articulate '13 Presenters becomes you can not adjust volumes of Engage or Quiz elements within the Audio Editor.


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