Sep 17, 2012

I am having difficulty with the Import Audio clip feature.  I recorded two pieces of narration using an SM7 mic and set the levels in Audition CS5, as I do every day for videos.  I exported as 16bit 44 PCM stereo WAV.  Imported into the project.  Previewed the audio and am appalled; it sounds like a heavily compressed MP3 that has been recompressed.  The clips sound fine in the Articulate Audio Editor.  I can't release substandard c**p so I exported the two clips as FLV videos and stuck them in the Presenter panel.  Any suggestions why the sound quality is so badly degraded?

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Peter Anderson

Hi John,

Sorry for the audio trouble. I assume the quality is poor when published as well? If your published audio doesn't sound as good as the audio that you imported or recorded, it's likely due to the fact that Articulate generates MP3 files to create the slide SWF files. Please see the following article for more details and instructions on how to increase the audio quality:

See also:

I would also recommend reviewing the Audio tutorials in this blog article:

One last thing. If you go to Articulate > Presentation Options > Publish, I would recommend unchecking Optimize audio volume.

This option may potentially cause issues with audio that does not have a consistent volume.

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