Audio and animation synch issues on Mobile devices (HTML5)

We are experiencing audio synchronization issues when publishing to HTML5 and viewing our content over tablets (we tested with iPad and Samsung Galaxy). We are NOT able to view the content in the Articulate Player app, because our LMS does NOT support Tin Can (we have to stick to SCORM).

What happens is that the audio and screen animation will play OK and keep in synch some of the time, then on other screens the audio will "disappear" and the text bullets will continue to build, and then on other screens the audio will start, stop, restart and the on-screen animations (such as bullet builds) will then be out of synch. None of this behavior occurs on a PC or MAC (just mobile devices).

Does anyone have some best practices out there for preventing this? For example, should we NOT use auto- advance? Any other "tricks?"

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julia kirby

Leslie, I would love to talk to someone as well.  I'm having the same issue.  However, when I looked at the compatibility matrix, it shows that audio and animation together in a slide and published to HTML5 are not compatible with Safari.  I have disabled auto-advance and that helped the issue I had earlier where iPads would play no audio at all.  Now, the issue is that the audio starts before the animation on every single slide created in Articulate (minus the videos I have inserted into slides via articulate - those work fine.  And after the audio is finished for that slide, the animation keeps running until it's finished so there's a major synchronization issue.  I have been desperately trying to find a solution for this as we have sold about 50 seats to a customer who is planning to have everyone take the course on company issued iPads. 


Thank you!

julia kirby

Hi Ashley,

I couldn't attach a file to the page. Whenever I tried and pressed reply, I was sent to a blank page that said the page was unable to load. Is there another way I can send this file?

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Christie Pollick

Hi, Julia -- I just wanted to pop in to mention: to add your attachment, please do so using the "Add Attachment" button at the bottom of the comment box in the thread itself. Additionally, when you reply via email, your signature is displayed publicly here in the thread, so feel free to edit to remove that information if you wish. :)