Audio disappeared from PP

Jan 06, 2012

I completed recording audio to my presentation, I edited the audio for a couple of slides, then saved it, and went on to sync the animations for the slides I recorded.  I was unable to hear the audio. 

I attempted to publish a few slides to test it out....... still could not hear the audio.  I checked the speaker settings, because I was hearing the audio during playback when recording.  All was good.

I decided to save the presentation and close it, then reopen.  I did so, and then tried to publish the presentation so as to check to see if I could hear the audio.  The presentation published, and the audio was playing and the animations were appearing on the screen, but I could not hear audio.

I again closed the presentation and reopened.  Now, the audio is completely gone.


*I still have the published file saved.  is there any way to extract the narration from that published presentation and add it to a new powerpoint?

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Peter Anderson

Hi Tracey, welcome to Heroes!

If you are working in Presenter '09 and notice that your audio is missing, please review the following article, which outlines reasons and solutions:
Also, be sure that your presentation is located on your local hard drive (your C: drive).  Working on a network drive or a USB (external) drive can cause erratic behavior, including loss of resources. Hope that's helpful!

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