Audio does not auto start in published SCORM

I have at least three online modules that the audio does not seem to work consistently.  On most slides it will start automatically, but on some slide it will not start when the slide changes.  If the user pauses and then presses play, the audio pick up as if it were playing since the beginning.   We have republished and adjusted the settings but can't seem to resolve this issue.  Has anyone else experienced this when using Articulate Studio 13 to publish to SCORM?

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Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Renee,

Are you seeing this while jumping from slide to slide in a course, or on the first slide of a course? 

Also, can you let me know what browser(s) you're testing it in, and what update of Studio'13 you published with? If you're able to share a Presenter package, we can also take a look at your course. 

Renee' Hermeling

We published in Presenter.  I'm not sure how to find the version?  We have viewed in Google Chrome and in IE11.  Our LMS seems to work best with chrome. 

It does happens when jumping from slide to slide and when the user uses the back or forward button. 

I have attached a package for your review.

Crystal Horn

Thanks for sharing your published output, Renee.  I uploaded it to SCORM Cloud, and I was able to hear audio on every slide in both Chrome and IE 11.  Can you check my link here and let me know how it works for you?

I tried testing clicking Next and Prev to go through every slide, as well as letting slides advance automatically.  I also scrubbed the seekbar, and the audio stayed in sync with the slide.

The only think I noticed was that your course was published with update 7 of Presenter '13.  I would recommend updating Studio '13 to update 9, which is the latest version.  Then, republish the course and upload it again.  

Let me know what you think!