Audio in quizmaker is lost when files are copied

Oct 07, 2013


We have a number of quizzes (11 in total) using Quizmaker that are part of a Presenter file. The audio is recorded for the question as well as the responses. The audio can be heard and played back after recording. However, when the ppt & ppta files are copied over to a central drive and then copied to another c:\drive for the purpose of publishing, all audio in the quizzes is lost. The audio recorded for the ppt slides is still intact.

Can you please advise why this is happening and how to stop it?


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Jan Patterson

Hi Adrian,

Yes, everything is all in the same folder and is copied over at the same time. Apparently when everything was copied over there were also issues with the answers changing and defaulting back to the first option for all questions.

And it's now happening in a second module for the same e-learning. Different quiz but same result.



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