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Dec 08, 2011

Working in Articulate '09 and PowerPoint 7 on files located on my desktop.

Situation - Recording in Articulate Presenter audio editor window, saved screen by screen and used save/exit button to get out of the audio editor window. Before exiting the editor I was able to see the audio. Saved the ppt and closed my system. Opened the ppt and audio editor to edit the audio and there was only audio on one screen that was recorded, edited and saved 2 days ago. I have not published yet.

History - Saved the ppt with a new name into a new location yesterday, after the same thing had happened. The folder and the ppt have different names. The ppt and ppta have the same name.

Already Checked - Another post with audio problem slightly different than mine but researched this link provided by help... and can provide these answers to the questions posed: Software is not out of date; I am working on a local C:/ drive; Articulate Presenter Communicator add in is enabled; There are no -old.ppta files in either folder; I have not moved the files but renamed the file by saving it to a new folder with a new name that is different than the ppt and ppta files.

Where are my audio files???

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Robert Kennedy

Is this the first time that you have used this process? Has this happened before?

I dont use this process but will try to replicate it later today.  Is it possible that you if you have the settings set to 'Record Narration One Slide At A Time' in the Presentation Options, that is affecting your Audio Editor record ability?  Just brainstorming until I can check this.

Peg Simmons

Thanks Robert and Ron for your replies. This has not happened before and what does not make sense is that I used the same process 2 days prior to record one screen, with no problem... that audio is still in the file and I have made no changes in settings. I'll try in a new ppt to see if it replicates and get back with you.

Peg Simmons

I do have the settings set to 'Record Narration One Slide At A Time' in the Presentation Options as it was when the problem occurred. Continuing to replicate... I have recorded and saved one screen with the Record button. After closing and opening the audio was there. Also did the same with the Audio Editor and after saving, closing and opening all audio was there. Followed through by recording 5 screens with the Record button save-close-open and all OK. In the Audio Editor, I edited 6 screens closed out of the editor then re-recorded 1 screen with the Record button.

I'm mystified how losing the audio for an entire course two days in a row can happen and I can't replicate it. Mercury in retrograde?

Interested in any thoughts you may have.

Peter Anderson

Hi Peg!

Sorry about the frustration with the audio. If you'd like to submit a case so that our support engineers can look into it, you can do that here:

And please come back and leave your case number here so that I can follow it personally. Sorry again for the issues, and thanks for your patience!

Peg Simmons

Thanks Peter. I won't be needing to pack and send the file. Problem solved.

Evidently Articulate is not happy when recording is done via Audio Editor for a whole program of slides. I was able to save with no problem on one or two slides but not all. I also had no problem when I used the Record button.

Have you heard of or experienced this problem before?

Peter Anderson

Hey Peg!

Great news! Glad to hear you got it resolved. There isn't a known issue that we're aware of with an extended series of slides and Audio Editor, but as I'm sure you know, it's always a good practice to save your work frequently to safeguard against power failures and system-related issues. 

Again, happy to hear you're back on track. Thanks for the update!

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