Audio Missing From Quizzes & Interactions when shared in a package

Oct 19, 2016


I have been working on building Articulate Courses with a coworker. We send the files back and forth as a package. Lately we have been having issues where the audio will disappear from the quiz or interaction. The audio for the rest of the course remains intact.

I've viewed this article for tips on missing audio ( but these do not seem to apply.

When my coworker created the package on his computer, the audio was present. When I opened it on mine, the audio is missing from just the quiz and interaction. It's almost like it's reverting back to an older version of the file, but I'm not sure why. I am saving the file to my desktop when I receive it. The folder does not have the same name as the power point. I have deleted any old versions of the course from my computer.

Any suggestions of things we might be missing?



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Leslie McKerchie

Hi Lisa!

Thanks for letting me know that you checked out the documentation about missing audio.

When working on an Articulate Presenter '13 course in a collaborative environment with other developers, use the following workflow to avoid file corruption, loss of resources (such as audio), and other erratic behavior that can occur due to network latency.

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