Audio Missing from Studio 360 Presentation

Apr 30, 2020

I created a PowerPoint and am using Studio 360 to add narration.  Some of the narration I recorded using the record feature on the Studio 360 tab and the other narration I imported as MP3s.  Everything was there and working fine yesterday and today when I went in to the presentation all of the audio was gone.  It was like someone opened each slide and deleted it.  The same thing happened to my coworker today as well. Why would this happen and is there a fix?

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Katie Riggio

Hi Stephanie. I'm happy to look into this with you!

First, here are a few scenarios (with solutions) that can result in lost audio in Presenter 360:

If everything checks out there, are you comfortable with sharing an affected PowerPoint file? You can share it privately through this upload link. We'll delete it after testing!

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