Audio removed but timer still showing length of audio

Oct 02, 2012

hi there,

I have a presentation that used to have Audio. I have since removed the audio as requested by my client, but now when I publish the course the timer is still showing the length of the audio and the screen is locked down thinking there is audio playing until the timer gets to 0!  Is there any way to remove the audio reference completely?

When I open the audio editor it still shows all the times for the non-existent audio.  But when I select all, click delete and then save and close, it's still there when I re-open it!

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Peter Anderson

Hi Greg, 

Sounds like you already worked through this, but when you import audio or record narration in Presenter ’09, the duration of each slide will match the duration of audio that was imported or recorded.

However, if you remove audio from a slide, the duration of that slide does not change. It retains the same duration as the audio that it previously contained. This is by design so as to maintain the animation timings.

You can change the duration of slides after the original audio has been removed in a few different ways. This article has that information. 

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