Best Computer set-up for Articulate Studio Pro 13

Jan 03, 2014

I've got an opportunity to spec out my 'dream machine' for a computer.  We are an HP and Dell shop and are using Windows 7 Pro with LAN/WAN connections.  I will be doing my development on my specific machine but also using it for all other office work (Outlook, Excel, Word, Network applications etc..).  With that in mind - what would be a good set of specs for a computer. 

You can also drop me an email at  if you have questions/ideas for me.  Thanks!

Paul -

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Paul Foreman

Thanks!  I figure I will max out the memory but I am also using CodeBaby to generate avatars in my modules.  That is helped by a high end video card (and lots of memory too.)  I'm thinking an SSD would be a good idea as well.  I've got a couple of 3TB drives now and that seems to be enough for storage.  I am working on a 500GB "C" drive so physical storage should be covered.  Any other ideas will be very welcome!

Paul -

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