Best way to publish for a hosted course delivery site?

Aug 15, 2016

Hi, I'm going to host my course with either or What publishing settings do you recommend?



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Michael Smart

Leslie - that's a long thread that ends with a staffer explaining that
Replay was new then and she's not sure. Do you all have a Replay guru who
can walk me through how to do this?

I don't mean to be demanding, but the thread you showed me is a
work-around *for
the workaround* for the thing I actually want to be able to do (output to
MP4), that competing software can do with one click.

So before I download and set up Replay I'd like to be able to be sure I
know it's going to work and how to do it.

Thanks for your help,


Leslie McKerchie

Hi Michael! I apologize, I was sharing that link for the information regarding internal audio. The 'stereo mix' is what I thought you were after.

You are correct though, everything you are needing is outside the scope of what I can support and what the software is intended for. I was just trying to guide you in directions that could possibly assist. So, I cannot make any promises and hopefully there will be a fellow community member that will be able to pop in and assist you here.

You wanted to be able to upload to sites that I was not sure about, and then you re-phrased your question to YouTube is how we got to mp4 I think. We do not have a publish to mp4 option, so your closest bet is to record either in Storyline (export screen recording to mp4) or Replay (publishes to mp4). If you need the internal audio from your course during the screen recording, the stereo mix is what assisted other users.

As for the Replay assistance, here's how to add screen recordings and webcam videos to Articulate Replay projects.

NDieye Danavall

Hi Michael,

Did you ever figure out if the publish to web feature works with  I can't find any info on either Teachable or Articulate on publishing files to a site like Teachable.  Teachable claims you can embed many file types on their site, but when I upload the published files, it doesn't play on the site, students have to download.  And even if they download they only have the html file and not the supporting files.

Michael Smart

Sorry, no. I have my tech guy working on it but not as a priority.

I ended up exporting the audio from Articulate and using that as the audio
track in Camtasia while I did a screen capture of my PPT. Was frustrating
to have to redo everything - the simple solution would be for Articulate to
have a "publish as MP4" feature. Doesn't seem like it would be that
expensive, and I'd still use Articulate to build courses first for my other
clients who can accept these interactive packages.

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Michael,

I know the publish to MP4 has been a common forums topic and request in the past, and as it stands now not a current feature of Articulate Storyline or Studio to publish direct to MP4. You can use another instance of Storyline or even Replay to conduct a screen recording and either export the screen recording in Storyline to an MP4 or publish Replay as an MP4 file. If you don't have Replay you can access it here. 

NDieye Danavall

Thanks for all the responses.  I am really more interested in keeping the interactivity of my modules and not performing a screencast for the platform. If I don't have another option,  I will actually use Replay and do a screen capture and upload the recorded modules. But I believe students benefit more from participating in the  interactions than watching me do it (active vs passive learning).

NDieye Danavall

No, I was not successful in uploading Storyline files to  The site is pretty much WYSIWYG.  But, if you know how to code html you can customize it.  

I had issues with their text editor.  You cannot see text sizes or fonts until you publish. If you change the font size, color, or attribute, sometimes it doesn't change. Sometimes the orientation won't move either. For instance, you center a picture and save, but once its published its still flush left. 


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