Best way to record audio

Hello everyone!

We have a consultant in a remote location with a PowerPoint presentation. We need him to record his narration for each slide (preferrably a separate audio clip for each slide). Then we want to take the PPT file and audio clips and put them together in Articulate Presenter.

Now, what's the best way for the consultant to record his narration (he does not have access to Presenter)?

Any thoughts or suggestions?

Thank you,


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Annie Jean

Hi Tom,

Why not just ask the consultant to record tracks using any audio tool. I used to use Audacity and it's free.

Just make sure that the narration is accessible for your consultant either in the slide notes of PPT or in another file.

If you receive a separate file for each slide you'll only have to import with Presenter, the right audio file on the right slide and do the sync.

Hope that helps. Have a nice day!