Blackboard scorm problem

Apr 21, 2011

So we have tested the Scorm packages in two other lms's (Moodle and Max IT) and it works fine.

My college has Blackboard and it does not function in IE8, chrome, Safari. Its works fine in Firefox.
Says Movie not loaded. the html appears but not the flash.

What would be the issue with Blackboard?

Has anyone had sucess with Articulate scorm packages in Blackboard.

We experience the same issue with scorm packages with Captivate.

How very frustrating.


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Shannon DeFord

I too am a Bb user. (version 9.1)  I have had zero luck with uploading, viewing and using SCORM Articulate files in my course.  It is hit or miss whether or not my files will play in Bb.  The students click on the link, but see nothing more than a blank screen that says done at the bottom most of the time.  I like you, find this to be true using all browsers but Firefox.  Safari and Chrome work sometimes.  This is really disturbing as I am not able to use quizmaker at all in my courses because there is no SCORM reporting to my grade center in Bb.  I have finally resorted to embedding and then hyperlinking to my  Articulate player.html files within Soft Chalk and then uploading into Bb.  I publish my Articulate files for Web also instead of SCORM.

I wish I had an answer.  I have discussed this with Blackboard, but still have no solid solutions.

Bhavna Patel

Hi, Just came across this thread in my search to work out why videos embedded in my SCORM package are sticking on Blackboard.

My org is using a Saas Bb solution and there's about 4 videos in the SCORM package.

The Bb article that the above link from Brian above is no longer available.

Is there anything I can do in my course content/with the video files to remedy? I'm also seeking support from Bb...


Thanks :)

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Bhavna,

You're going way back - this discussion is over 6 years old. So let's start from the beginning...

What version of Presenter are you using? Have you reached out to your Blackboard team about why videos are not available or playing correctly? Do you know which browsers you're using the course in? 

Also, I'd look at testing how it works in SCORM Cloud - that's a good way to narrow down where the issue may be too. 

Janet Place

Can we start this up again? My university has Blackboard. Lately my Storyline 360 scorm files aren't marking themselves complete. This also happens in Moodle, so I am thinking it is a problem with Articulate. I went to SCORM Cloud, but my module is too large for the free version, and it is too expensive otherwise. 

Leslie McKerchie

Hi Janet,

Absolutely. I appreciate you sharing what you are experiencing in both Blackboard and Moodle. We can help you test in SCORM Cloud as well and get a good starting point to identify where the issue lies.

With your permission, I'd like to take a look at your project file to investigate what's happening. You can share it publicly here, or send it to me privately by uploading it here. I'll delete it when I'm done troubleshooting.