Blank Screens - occasionally!

Oct 05, 2022

Hi there, this is an odd one and I hope that someone has seen this before...

We have a lot of Web published content (from Studio/Presenter) that is served from Amazon's AWS... All working amazing for years.   Now, it seems that occasionally our students when loading content get a blank screen.  Not all of the time, not all students - it's odd.   I can't reproduce the problem on local computers and also testing platform such as browserstack.   Sometimes clearing cookies works, if a student has a problem with Firefox/Chrome/Edge, then only something like IE11 (beleive it or not) will work for them ... Has anyone had this happen to them with Studio?   Any thoughts, ideas, comments would be helpful here.

Much appreciated, Graham

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Jose Tansengco

Hello Graham,

Thanks for reaching out! 

Sounds like this issue needs to be investigated closely since you mentioned that the circumstances to replicate the behavior are a bit tricky. I'd recommend opening a case with our support team so we can have one of our support engineers take a look at your project files to figure out what's happening. Feel free to share some of your Presenter 360 files and published output there for testing. We'll delete them once we're done with troubleshooting! 

Looking forward to hearing from you!