Suspend_data missing in API calls

Sep 19, 2013

Hi All,

I occasionally have situations in which suspend_data is missing for a user.  The logs (API calls) look normal in every other regard as far as I can tell, but there is no suspend_data.  This is a problem because it prevents the student from being able to exit the course and resuming when re-entering the presentation.

Has anyone else experienced this issue?  If so, were you able to discover what the problem was.  I know it has something to do with the user's operating environment (over which we have no control).  In the past, I've had some students try a different browser than the one they were using and it has corrected the problem.

Any feedback regarding the cause (and hopefully solution) would be greatly appreciated. 



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Leslie McKerchie

Hi Steven! I see where you previously started a conversation about this same issue. I wasn't sure if you were aware that there was further conversation in that thread. Most of the users seem to working around this sporadic issue, but some have found resolution in using compatibility mode. This is the article that we normally share, but another user found this additional article helpful as well.

joe smith

Hi Leslie,

99% of the time the suspend_data works just fine.  It's just that occasionally a single user will experience the issue where suspend_data is not showing up in their API logs.  It seems like when it happens the user will be using IE10.  I'll then ask them to try taking the course using Google Chrome and that seems to fix the problem.  Based on that experience, it seems that it's something at the browser level that might be causing suspend_data not to work.  Is that possible?

Even though it impacts so few people, I was hoping to be able to figure it out so that maybe I can prevent it all together.

Given these facts, do you think submitting the package to Articulate would be helpful since it seems to be a browser issue?



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