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We have developed eLearning courses on Articulate. Recently when alerted  by our customers, we found that for courseware launched with IE8 on Win 7 systems, the progress status of the courseware is not sent back to the LMS. As such the system does not know what is the status of the learning progress and whether it is completed or not. Thus even though the learner may have completed the course, the progress status is still "In-Progress".  We find that this problem occur on Firefox but not on Chrome or IE9.

I like to check if there are anything we can do to the browser settings or even courseware setting that allows the status to be passed back to the LMS for the affected browsers.



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Peter Anderson

Hi PL, welcome to Heroes

I'd recommend starting by taking a look at this article on troubleshooting Articulate/LMS issues so see if you can pinpoint the issue. It may also be helpful to run the course through SCORM Cloud, which is explained in the article, to see if the issue may be with the LMS itself. 

PL Yap

Hi Peter,

I have tested my courseware on the SCORM Cloud. Below are the observations I have made :

                             SCORM Cloud                                                                            Our LMS

Win XP -  IE8 : OK,  IE9: OK, Chrome : Not OK                            - IE8 - OK, IE9: OK, Chrome ; OK

Win 7 - IE8 : OK, IE9: OK, Chrome ; Not OK                                 - IE8 - Not OK, IE9 : OK, Chrome : OK

Apparently SCORM is able to track on IE but not on Chrome.

Our LMS with Win7 cannot work on IE8 but can work on IE9. Is there anyway you can help us determine what maybe the cause.

Appreciate your help.


PL Yap

Peter Anderson

Hi PL,

Which LMS are you using? If your SCORM 1.2 presentation fails to resume correctly when viewed in your LMS, the issue could be that the LMS is having trouble with the amount of resume (suspend) data that is being passed from the content to the LMS. Here’s how to determine if this is the issue you are experiencing.

PL Yap

Hi Peter,

Thanks for the lead on enabling the debug mode in the courseware. It help us in troubleshooting. We have monitored the logs for the courseware using IE8 and IE9 and we found the following difference :

 When we exit the courseware, for Windows 7-IE9, it executes the following scripts while for IE8, these actions were not executed. Thus the courseware is not closed properly.  I have also attached a log of the scripts here for your review. Appreciate if you can help to see how IE8 can execute the exit scripts  

Scripts that were executed in IE9 but not in IE8 when closing the courseware.

589:Wed Jul 4 12:59:47 UTC+0800 2012 - strResult=true

590:Wed Jul 4 12:59:47 UTC+0800 2012 - Returning true

591:Wed Jul 4 12:59:47 UTC+0800 2012 - Calling Finish

592:Wed Jul 4 12:59:47 UTC+0800 2012 - In SCORM_CallLMSFinish

593:Wed Jul 4 12:59:47 UTC+0800 2012 - In SCORM_GrabAPI

594:Wed Jul 4 12:59:47 UTC+0800 2012 - SCORM_GrabAPI, returning

595:Wed Jul 4 12:59:47 UTC+0800 2012 - Calling LMS Finish

596:Wed Jul 4 12:59:47 UTC+0800 2012 - strResult=true

597:Wed Jul 4 12:59:47 UTC+0800 2012 - Returning True

598:Wed Jul 4 12:59:47 UTC+0800 2012 - Returning true


PL Yap