Broken Underline

Aug 08, 2012

Is there an easy fix to preventing headings from showing spaces with no underline? The Articulate/Presenter Support link on this suggested removing the left/right justification, but that did not fix it.

Searches of this forum did not turn anything up, so my apologies if I missed something obvious.


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Sze Wai Dreger


I had the same question as Tim today and I just tried the suggestions posted in the article.  I found that changing alignment did not solve the spaces but, modifying the z-axis did help.

Would you mind Peter, explaining really quick why that helped?  I'm curious as to why rotating the text box helped with the non-underlined spaces.  Just curious to know.



Leslie McKerchie

Hi Nancy! Peter has taken another position here at Articulate and does not get back to the forums very often.  Here is the explanation:

Presenter ’09 will publish the entire text box as a single object rather than publishing each character (and space) individually.  This will prevent the underline from being broken when published. 

I hope that this helps!

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