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Justin Wilcox

You might want to take  a look at this article:


It's for the previous version but the instructions are essentially the same. Here's a tutorial on how to publish for the web in Studio '09:


Once you have your content online you can create hyperlinks that point to the player.html file of each presentation to give people a way to access the content.

Leah Hemeon

Hi Lamma,

By publishing your modules to "web" in Articulate you'll get the set of files you need. I used the zip option and then upload the zip to my web server in its own folder. Once in that folder on my site I unzip it and then link to the player.html file on the site. The link would look something like this:




One tip is that you need to put each module's files in its own folder otherwise they overwrite each other.

Is this what you're looking for?

Good luck,