Bullets not seen in HTML file after publishing

Oct 13, 2017

Hi Folks,

I have this very strange problem. The bullets in the presentation are not seen in the html file when i run in chrome browser. 

The preview session shows the bullet but the bullets are not seen after publishing. I tried changing all formats of the bullets but it seems it not working.

This issue is seen only on one slide of the presentation. 

In preview-:


After published-:

HTML view after published

Is anyone aware what am i missing?

If you want the package let me know...ill send it via support mail. 


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Arul Richardson

Thanks alot Dave. Your suggestion works only if you have no animation in the slide, but if you have animations then the articulate won't play the animation (neither in preview nor in html output) but the bullets will be seen. Have you too experienced the same.?

Anyways the only workaround is to remove the apostrophe (') from the slide :( 

And yes im using presenter13. 

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