Buttons Being Enlarged After Publishing

Dec 02, 2011

Has anyone else ever ran into this issue before?

After publishing the module when testing it everything works and looks exactly as someone intends it to but then after link the module to your LMS sometimes images, SWF files or other things will act differently for users?

I'm currently having this issue with a SWF rollover button that I created. It looks fine for me when going through the module before and even after it is linked to our LMS but some people say that the image in the SWF file is blow out of proportion and is covering some information on the slide. They have said that it does this but when they move to the next slide then back to that particular slide with the rollover button, the button is in the "normal" size that I had it intended to be.

I know the workaround, if this occurs with graphics, is that you create in PPT is to just save it as a picture then reinsert it but what do I do if it's a SWF button???? HELP... See below for what I am talking about (The worker is the rollover image)

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Phil Mayor

HI Adam

This is a known issue, it normally happens with IE and is normally fixed if you go forward one slide and then back and the swf jumps back into place, but this still doesnt sort out your problem really

I find this happens if you have resized your swf after importing it into Studio, the simplest solution is to make your swf to the size you need and then reimport, this usually fixes it

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