Camtasia video, when inserted into Studio 13, has garbled audio

Jan 19, 2016

Has anyone had this problem?

I recorded some video from an old course I have using Camtasia Studio 7. I recorded the audio (of the video) by plugging a sterio cable from the speaker jack to the microphone jack. I published the video in Camtasia using the "web", "MP4" setting. The video and audio look and sound fine when I play the .MP4 file on my PC.

When I insert the video (on a PowerPoint slide) in Articulate Presenter 13 (via "video" > "add slide video from file") then publish the Articulate file, the audio (in the video) sounds garbled. I tried uploading the articulate .ZIP file to my LMS and the video's audio sounds garbled there too.

The garbled sound is similar to when (in the past) I inserted audio into Articulate but the audio was not the correct format (16bit, 44KHz, PCM Wave). I tried to change the audio settings of my Camtasia video to republish it again, but no luck. I tried searching the WEB for this issue, but no luck. You all are my last hope :)

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Leslie McKerchie

Hi Brandan!

I am not familiar with Camtasia and I'm not sure that I've seen this issue shared before.

Have you selected to not compress the video? To take advantage of the new "do not compress" feature, follow the steps in this article.

Another option would be to publish your Camtasia file and utilize it as a web object in your Presenter project. 

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