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David Ellenwood

Have we made any progress on this issue? My team originally surfaced the problem when we were working over the weekend to meet a tight deadline. We had to redo several course pages with a white background (blah!!) so that we could use the assets from eLearning Bros. This issue  devalues our investment in Articulate and eLearning Bros and we need it fixed ASAP. It was quite a nasty surprise to find out that we lost the ability to use video with transparency when we upgraded. Thanks . . .

Justin Grenier

I'm really sorry for the trouble here, Jake.  We definitely have no intention to mislead, so if you could share with me where our site seems to advertise that this should work, we'll take a look at that.

As for the future of this issue, our Quality Assurance Team has determined that this is something we won't be able to fix in Studio '13, and we'll keep this thread updated with any changes.

David Ellenwood

Justin, your remarks come across as pretty disingenuous. Asking us to "share with you where your site seems to advertise that this should work" is infuriating. When we all bought Articulate 13 your website clearly said that it supported .FLV transparency. The link to where that information was once located is included in the original post in this thread (a post that was authored by Andrew Scivally of eLearning Brothers). Andrew was helping my company try to resolve the transparency issue when he wrote that post. Many of us have lost money and experienced great inconvenience because of this issue. My company purchased content from eLearning Brothers that we couldn't use. When we were originally dealing with this issue we were working over a weekend to try and deliver for a client and had to start from scratch when our original concept had to be discarded because of this issue. It has cost my company at least a couple thousand dollars in lost time and resources. Just because you removed the information that originally stated that this functionality WOULD work doesn't make it better. So, whether or not you had the intention of misleading is a moot point. You did mislead all of us with your original marketing and product specifications. So, are you denying that you originally stated that the .flv transparency would work? Because, if you are, that is simply not true.

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