Can practice in Kronos timekeeping software be built in a course?

I'm writing my first Articulate course (woo hoo!) and wonder if there is a way for the learners to actually type into a mock or actual Kronos timekeeping screen, i.e. to practice entering shift times for an employee. From there, the course would either prompt the user with "you have entered a shift correctly" or "you haven't entered correctly." This real practice with the Kronos timekeeping screens would be more effective than creating a quiz with Quizmaker to simulate a new skill in Kronos or just to test knowledge. I have Quizmaker but not Engage as part of Studio '09. Thanks very  much for any help on this.

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Will Findlay

If your budget allows another tool, you might want to create this type of interaction using Adobe Captivate and then insert it as a Flash Movie on the slide. Captivate is designed for this type of software simulation.

OR - if you have a Kronos environment people can use, you could insert the url as a Web Object... e.g. paste into the "Insert Web Object" window...

If you take this second method it won't be possible (unless you have some amazing programmers) to evaluate if someone did something correctly - however, you could show the user an example of how it should have looked and ask them to evaluate if they did it correctly... maybe?

Rebecca Rice

Thank you very much for the helpful ideas as I have just started using Articulate; therefore, learning the functionality as I go. Another approach we are considering is how to capture a simulation of navigating through screens in the Kronos software. Essentially a video of watching how to complete a task – just like the (excellent!) video tutorials of how to use Articulate in their website and blogs. The learner wouldn’t actually need “live” access to the software to practice but just watch how to correctly perform tasks in the software. Can this be done in Articulate?  

I suppose we could set up a video camera to record a computer screen while someone went through these steps but we’d prefer a cleaner approach. Any comments would be very helpful, thanks!

Jeanette Brooks

Screenr is a free web-based screen recording tool that you could use also. One you post the screen recording, you can download the unbranded MP4 and insert the movie onto a slide in your course. If you need to do some editing first, Windows Live Movie Maker provides a lot of decent tools for free.

Greg Martin

If you want something that integrates both screen capture and time tracking, you can use this software.

I have been using that for my team of freelance workers. It helps me monitor not just their work hours but also their computer activity. Everything is stored on a web server. I can access all the information I need from there. Pretty good system. 

That greatly helped increase our productivity.